XCOM 2 PC buy Cheap cd key for Steam

XCOM 2 PC buy Cheap cd key for Steam

Earth has changed. Twenty years have passed since world leaders offered an unconditional surrender to alien forces and XCOM, the planet’s last line of defense, was left decimated and scattered. Now the aliens rule Earth, building shining cities that promise a brilliant future for humanity on the surface, while concealing a sinister agenda below and eliminating all who dissent from their new order.


Only those who live at the edges of the world have a margin of freedom. Here, a force gathers once again to stand up for humanity. Always on the run, the remnant XCOM forces must find a way to rise from the ashes, expose the insidious truth behind the occupation, and eliminate the alien threat once and for all.

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The major difference XCOM 2 brings is urgency. As a guerrilla force you need to strike fast, capture intel or resources and then escape the battlefield, often within a set number of turns. As a result, there’s none of the namby-pamby, keep everyone in cover and switch to overwatch stuff that you could get away with in the original game.


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Here there’s a little time to probe the area and set-up ambushes while your squad remain concealed, but that’s soon followed by a rapid push forwards to get to your objective and get out before the turn count expires. You can take all the time you need on each turn, so there’s no sense that strategy is compromised, but each turn has to count. Taking things slowly might mean failing your mission or – worse – leaving valued troops behind.


This last point is important. As in XCOM, you only have a small pool of soldiers and specialists to choose from, with restrictions on the numbers you can recruit. Taking troops out on a mission and exposing them to combat gives them experience, making them stronger and allowing you to promote them. When promoted, your squaddies earn new skills and gain access to new equipment – in concert with a research tree, of course.

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