Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End PS Game

 Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End PS Game

Set 3 years after the events of Uncharted 3, Nathan Drake has apparently left the world of fortune hunting behind. However, it doesn’t take long for adventure to come calling when Drake’s brother, Sam, re-emerges asking for his help to save his own life and offering an adventure Drake cannot resist. On the hunt for Captain Henry Avery’s long-lost treasure, Sam and Drake embark on a journey to find Libertalia, the pirate utopia deep in the forests of Madagascar. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End takes players around the globe, through jungle isles, urban cities and snow-capped peaks on the search for Avery’s fortune.

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As in previous games, Uncharted 4 doesn’t waste any time thrusting Nathan into the action. The game begins with Nathan and his brother Sam speeding toward an island in a boat, pursued by an unknown enemy that clearly wants them dead. After a messy shootout, they end up being rammed by another boat, throwing them into the rough waters before the game quickly jumps back in time.

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More than any previous game, Uncharted 4 is an exploration of Nathan’s life, from his childhood to what might be his final adventure (as the subtitle, A Thief’s End, suggests). Years after the events of Uncharted 3, Nathan has settled down with Elena, played brilliantly once again by Emily Rose.

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The story starts in the middle, with a frantic boat chase, before rewinding to introduce Drake’s elder brother, Sam, and show how they parted ways before Nate’s adventures as we know them began. Then – in a very artful reveal – we find Nate retired from adventuring and enjoying domestic bliss with his journalist sparring partner and now wife, Elena Fisher. When Sam unexpectedly reappears, it’s to drag Nathan back onto the trail of treasure belonging to the notorious pirate Henry Avery. Nathan has sworn off the fortune-hunting life, but Sam’s life is at stake, so Nate has no choice but to join him on an escapade that leads from an Italian auction heist to a ruined Scottish cathedral, and then to the volcanic plains, bustling ports and craggy islands of Madagascar.

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Before we get to the meat of the story, it’s worth noting that the performances, both voice and motion capture, are some of the best that have ever appeared in a video game. I played through large chunks of the game with my girlfriend in the room, and she was just as enraptured by it as she would have been by a Marvel movie.

In the midst of some of the more extensive cutscenes, we felt more like we were watching a live-action film than an animated feature. The animations, the environments, the way that the world reacts to your presence — this is one of the best looking games you’ll have ever played.


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