The Sims 4 Get Together PC – Best Price Buy Now

The Sims 4 Get Together PC – Best Price Buy Now

The Sims 4 Get Together introduces Windenburg, a European-inspired World with a mix of vibrant, modern architecture and classic buildings and styles. From the charming countryside, to the bustling town square and luxurious island, Windenburg is filled with new things for your Sims to see and do. But you’re not going to be exploring these new sights alone. As the name suggests, Get Together is all about your Sim having fun with their friends, whether they’re leading their own exclusive Clubs or exploring Windenburg.


Your Sims will be able to join different Clubs, each with their own interests, personalities, and styles. They have defined behaviors that dictate how they tend to act, including how they treat other Sims, and what they do or don’t like to do. There will be a variety of Clubs waiting for your Sims when you first load up the expansion pack, but you’re also able to create and customize your own. You can set their requirements, decide what behaviors they have, choose their preferred hang outs, and even give them distinct rewards.

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Welcome to the beautiful new world of Windenburg, with picturesque landmarks to explore like the sprawling hedge maze at the garden chateau, alluring pools along the bluffs, and the mysterious ancient ruins. Visit local hotspots and grab a delicious espresso at the cafe, chat up your favourite crush at the pub, or dance the night away at the discotheque.


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Get together with other Sims for exciting group activities like thrilling games of foosball, lively midnight bonfires, super-secret dance parties, and more! You can also join different clubs with distinct personalities and style, to meet new Sims and live it up. In The Sims 4 Get Together* there’s always a great reason to get together.


The new European inspired world of Windenburg is an absolutely beautiful world. It’s full of life and intricate details not seen in the other worlds. Of all the worlds featured in The Sims 4 thus far, I have to say that Windenburg is by far my favourite one. I don’t know if this is because I live in Europe or because it’s a style of world that has never been done before in The Sims, I’m not too sure. But it’s not the general look of Windenburg that I love so much, it’s how all the little things add up to make a much larger whole.

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