Stranger of Sword City free game Download

Stranger of Sword City free game Download

In Stranger of Sword City, you must perfect your DRPG skills and navigate your way through Escario, a place of fantasy races, fierce monsters, and treacherous labyrinths. Explore labyrinths to slay the powerful Lineage Type monsters within and take their Blood Crystals to increase your power. Who you decide to trust, be it the Kingdom, Medell Co., or the Strangers Guild, is entirely up to you. But choose wisely. Your fate depends on it.

Stranger of Sword City free download

When Stranger of Sword City starts, you are the only surviving passenger from a plane that left Japan and somehow ended up crashing into another dimension, a ruined purgatorial wasteland strewn with the remnants of our world. It’s an apt setup for a game that finds itself helplessly trapped between worlds. It’s too obtuse, too lackadaisical about its plot to hold your interest, and too threadbare to offer worthwhile depth. It’s a game fundamentally trying to be different, but trips up trying to fit any of its innovations onto the basic framework.

Stranger of Sword City download Stranger of Sword City game download

The character creator is a lot more robust than I thought it would be. There are five races and eight classes to choose from, in addition to a couple dozen different character portraits. Race and gender isn’t tied to the image, so if you want a burly looking elf to in reality be a female migmy, you go right ahead and do that. I did. On the outside, my healer looked like a crusty old dwarf with a long white beard, but in reality she was a 13-year-old girl I pretended had a case of that Benjamin Button disease. You can even change the voice to suit your needs. My main character sounded like a lady in action, but a man in defeat.

Stranger of Sword City télécharger gratuit

The “choice system” that the game touts involves interactions with the leaders of the three factions. Blood crystals, the driving force of the game, are earned from slaying Lineage Types, or boss monsters, and can be turned over to any of the three “Vessels” who can wield their enormous power. Vessels return the favor by providing the player with “Divinities,” special team combat powers. Guaranteed escapes, strong heal-over-time effects, and offensive boosts are among the powers available early on. The player’s first three crystals are divided among the Vessels as they are introduced, but most of your later trophies can be distributed at the player’s discretion. Players can support their favorite character or devote resources towards unlocking the Divinity that will best enhance their play-style.


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