Saints Row 2 free Cd Key [Steam Activation]

Saints Row 2 free Cd Key [Steam Activation]

Saints Row 2 brings true freedom to open-world gaming. Players can play as who they want, how they want, and with whomever they want in this sequel to the much acclaimed and tremendously successful Saints Row.

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Set years after the original, the player finds himself in a Stilwater both familiar and strange and challenged with bringing the Saints back as the rightful kings of Stilwater and bringing vengeance to those who wronged him.

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When people see Saints Row 2 they’ll instantly think of Grand Theft Auto IV. It’s inevitable. It moves similarly, the scenes have the same saturated lighting and there are several parallels that can be drawn between the gameplay of the two. Heck, the text is even color coded in a similar way for mission objectives. But, be warned, Saints Row 2 is most certainly not GTA.

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Saints 2 picks up a few years after the events of the first. Your character has been in a prison hospital stuck in a coma since he (or she) was blown off of a yacht, thus badly burning his (or her) exterior. Luckily, that happens to open the door to the robust character customization. You can select from three female accents and three male accents as well as the usual huge array of physical traits. Plus, later in the game you’ll earn new personalities, taunts, costumes and fighting styles. It’s hilarious to strap the hot dog suit or the Borat bathing suit on your character and then watch some of the more dramatic cutscenes.


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