Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

Frustrated PC players who have had to wait almost half a year to manage the new Lara Croft experience as partial satisfaction in the fact that Crystal Dynamics decided to further improve PC version, in graphic terms, through collaboration with Intel. I did a damn good job. Without any doubt, Rise of the Tomb Raider is one of the games with the best visual display that we have seen in the past, and perhaps ever.

This is something that should be immediately clear, before delving into other segments of this embodiment. The graphics are excellent, the animation of the characters also, environment, texture, special effects … It is amazing to think that this is a rendering and not the actual recordings of actors ‘in action’. That is, to us, to those skilled in the world of video games, it is clear that the rendering, but we are quite sure that all other, less interested in gaming, opted for the “real video” When we asked them what it is that looking at the screen in front them.

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2013 brought the long-awaited reboot a franchise that players welcomed. Not without criticism though. “Tomb Raider” almost had no tombs to explore, and some did not mind the fact that Lara is too young, inexperienced girl and not lethal heroin, which we know from previous parts of the franchise. Both realize Crystal Dynamics corrected in Rise of the Tomb Raider – tombs are back and Lara more dangerous than ever. Yes, it is possible to sneak the next opponent or eliminate them from a distance or jump off a building with a final stab? This is what we have been waiting for!

The game has no multiplayer, which is commendable given that the previous iteration was of poor quality and without much point in this style of game. Therefore, all funds used for singleplayer and it was another good decision. No wonder that is why the team that created the story of this part of the game received numerous awards for his work. Yes, in the beginning you will have to go through a series of game cinematics in which you play acquainted with what she is capable to do that, too often will Lara narrowly avoided death, but everything else is done with a sense, interesting and uncertain until the very end.

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A very interesting segment of the game are the background stories of opponents, as well as the overall background of the characters in the game. It is not often that the opponents have an elaborate backstory, motives for doing what they do and some kind of justification for why they are just the main villains. Of course, except for the indescribable desire to kill people and to earn a lot of money. Fans of the series may find the occasional hole in what Rise of the Tomb Raider brings, but everyone else will be more than happy, however, not too much on the long run. In case you decide for the main story, the new Lara offers only 12-13 hours of gameplay.

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In truth, in the game there are a number of tasks on the side that you can perform and get great bonuses, thus playing extended, rather doubled and even gets bigger and three times depending on your gaming style.

Rise of the Tomb Raider in addition to the increased number of graves and everything that fans of the series love, yields and reduced amount of direct perforation with opponents, which is also one of the criticisms of players. And ours is addressed primarily the final fight of the game – it is too easy and too short.

Rise of the Tomb Raider’s first big hit that we received in 2016 which little can be blame. Each highlight some of the negative side of the game would actually be “seeking hair in the egg.” If you like a good narrative, atmosphere, story, beautifully designed characters and want to admire the bright graphics, look no further.


RATING: 9/10
+ Great graphics
+ Excellent animation and acting
+ A good story
+ Tombs are back


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