POSTAL Redux free Download full Game

POSTAL Redux free Download full Game

Postal is back and it’s called Postal Redux. To make matters more interesting, it was developed by Running With Scissors, the same cats who made the original Postal and the equally controversial first-person shooter of Postal 2. This particular reincarnation can be described as a throwback to old-school twin-stick shooters. You play as ‘The Postal Dude’ who packs all the firearms needed to kill as many opponents as possible. That’s it. All you have to do is shoot.

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One of Postal Redux’s greatest assets is the gameplay mechanics that do not require any particular brainstorming or strategy. You just move the Postal Dude out of harms way as best you can, and fire your weapon of choice. There’s a dodge move you can use, but in terms of movement, that’s about it. The next thing you have to worry about is health, ammo and weapon pick-ups.

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In Postal, you play as “the Postal Dude” an unnamed nutjob who’s had enough of society having seemingly been evicted from his home and goes on a rampage killing all and everyone who gets in his way, coining the phrase going postal. The idea of the game is to simply kill a set number of people or hostile opposing forces in each level to open up the exit although killing everyone is entirely optional. This means you’re up against police officers, SWAT teams and even the military to name but a few good guys aiming to gun you down.

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It’s a simple game to play although a lack of being able to move the camera does mean sometimes your view is blocked by the scenery. It’s a twin stick shooter at heart and with it comes a variety of weapons such as a revolver, auto shotgun, rocket launcher and a collection of throwables such as Molotovs and grenades to name a few. You’re also able to destroy innocent looking barrels for extra carnage and lay mines.

POSTAL Redux is not a reboot in the strictest sense; and this is a good thing as I’ve always loved Postal. Starring a murderous character in a trench coat, it would eventually receive its share of negative publicity after the horrific events that took place in 1999 at Columbine High School. The similarities of the game’s lead character to the murderers was uncanny and as such became one of the fallback reasons for the tragedy.


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