Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf PC Game

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf PC Game

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf” is a next generation, single player and multiplayer golf game developed by Perfect Parallel Studios. Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf provides a truly immersive experience centered on stunning visuals and hyper-realistic game play. Don’t just play golf – play PerfectGolf! High resolution visuals, highly accurate ball flight physics developed using state of the art launch monitors, Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf is the best simulation of golf released to date.

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Like The Golf Club, this is not an officially licensed game, so you won’t see familiar PGA Tour faces or courses. However, one real world course,Bethesda Country Club, is available from the store.

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In terms of gameplay, Perfect Golf offers 20 different modes, including stroke, match, and skins, while team-based variants like foursomes, better ball, and scramble are also included. The developers plan to add functionality to the game at a later date allowing people to create their own modes and share them.

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The game has a lineup of twelve initial courses that are “georeferenced” so that the sun will rise and set in the appropriate place and time depending on the day. Multiplayer is also included.

Gamers can also make use of the Nicklaus Design Course Forge, which is the same toolsuite that Nicklaus’ Nicklaus Design team uses to make real-world courses. This feature, however, is not included with the version of Perfect Golf available today, but is instead coming later.


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