Hover Junkers play now free Download

Hover Junkers play now free Download

Hover Junkers is a VR with tracked controllers ONLY multiplayer shooter designed from the ground up for VR. Immerse yourself in a virtual world of drought stricken future where junk hunters scavenge for scrap left behind. Choose from 17 different ships that range from tiny to huge to fit any size VR play area. Engage in multiplayer combat to claim scrap/loot and defend against enemy players. Use scrap to fortify your Junker from incoming fire. Physically dodge, hide, and shoot from behind the cover of your Junkers defenses.

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As it turns out Hover Junkers is a first person shooter. Which did surprise us, as we’ve spent the last couple of years quizzing developers on whether they’re possible in VR and being told that the speed they move at would be too disorientating. Although true enough Hover Junkers bears little resemblance to something like Call Of Duty. Instead, it’s based around the idea of driving a Star Wars-like sand skiff, referred to as a junker, in a post-apocalyptic world – and then shooting people from that instead.

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The background to the story is something about the world running out of water, which at least explains all the sand. This results in what is basically Mad Max with hover boats, as you float around looking for scrap to claim or, preferably, steal from someone else. This in turn is used to customise your junker, creating cover points for when you get in a firefight. Which is something you have to keep doing because it’s all very easily destroyed.

There aren’t many online multiplayer games to be had in VR. The obvious, and leading, candidate is the excellent Eve: Valkyrie on the Oculus Rift, but the HTC Vive also has one. It might lack polish but boy does it deliver on experience.

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Hover Junkers looks like an early PS3 title, but don’t let that turn you off – it offers one of the most fun and frantic gaming experiences I’ve had in years. The premise is deceptively simple. You live in a Mad Max-inspired post-apocalyptic world where you survive by collecting junk – big pieces of sheet metal, old air-conditioning units and even road signs, basically any old rubbish you can get your hands on.


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