Hearts of Iron IV free Download full Game

Hearts of Iron IV free Download full Game

 Every now and then you can play a game that makes time seem like such a fleeting thing, where you start playing with the intentions of an hour or two before bed and the next time you notice anything, the sun is rising. I’d like to say I’m exaggerating, but with Hearts of Iron IV this happened to me. It was half past ten, I was just going to have a quick hour and half to two hours, the next thing I noticed the sun was rising, I looked at my phone and it said 05:13am. I finally stopped playing at around 11am because I was hungry.
Hearts of Iron IV pc download

Hearts of Iron IV is Paradox’s long-awaited grand strategy wargame hybrid, simulating World War II and creating a multitude of compelling what-if scenarios. What if Italy tried to recreate the Roman Empire, creating a second fascist faction? What if France was torn apart by communism before the Germans marched across the Rhineland? The war is inevitable, but what it looks like and how it plays out changes from game to game.

Hearts of Iron IV free download Hearts of Iron IV full game

It’s a great premise and is blessed with a bounty of complex systems waiting for an armchair general to oversee. It’s exactly the sort of massive, multi-layered strategy game that Paradox Development Studio is known for. But I’ve struggled to love it like Crusader Kings II or Europa Universalis IV, and I’ve had to fight the game just as often as I’ve had to fight wars. Struggled, but not entirely failed

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Playing as any nation, you can start in 1936 and prepare for the coming storm or launch right into it in 1939. What might’ve happened if Brazil had been preparing for total war since 1936? Dunno! Formed an alliance to take down the USA and build The Bomb? Heck if I know. Give it a go then tell me.


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