Halo Wars 2 [Xbox One/PC] buy cheap Cd Keys

Halo Wars 2 [Xbox One/PC] buy cheap Cd Keys

Halo Wars 2 is a strategy game packed with fast-paced action, massive battles, and an all-new Halo story. Developed by Creative Assembly, a SEGA company and the creators of the popular “Total War™” series, in partnership with 343 Industries

Real-time strategy is one of the few genres yet to migrate en masse to consoles. The gamepad is capable of many feats, but the dexterity afforded by a mouse and keyboard has kept most RTS titles wedded firmly to the PC. After all, it’s a fiddly old business being commander-in-chief.

With Halo Wars 2, Microsoft is taking another stab at pushing the genre out on console. The first game’s developer, Ensemble Studios, once produced the venerable Age of Empires series on PC, but Halo Wars proved to be its final project before closing. For the sequel, Total War veteran Creative Assembly sits at the helm. Two developers whose strategic pedigree are above question will now have provided input to the console-first RTS franchise. Great expectations indeed.


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Halo Wars 2 doesn’t seem bad. In fact, it has an advantage over some other games because the base building aspect is so quick. The transition from “Follow this handful of units through a canyon” to “Build a base to attack these three points” was a matter of maybe fifteen seconds, my base and barracks and hangar flying in from space. Cool.

Halo Wars 2 is coming to both the Xbox One and Windows as part of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere scheme, which allows anyone who buys a copy of the game to play it on either platform, with their save data seamlessly syncing between both versions.

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