Download Tale of Wuxia for PS4

Download Tale of Wuxia for PS4

Tale of Wuxia is a role-playing and single-player PC game, made by Phoenix Games and Heluo Studio. Added lots of new stories, gameplays and systems, it is a new version of Legends of the Wulin. The game engine used by Tale of Wuxia is U3D.

Tale of Wuxia has been dedicated to providing gameplayers with a player-defined platform, where they can customize their own Wuxia. Instead of being restricted to characters’ basic properties and martial arts, in this new version, gameplayers can also choose the personalities and talents of their own. The new talent system makes characters more distinctive.

For example, the hard workers are good at monotonous missions, the slyboots prefer changeable missions, while the jade trees are more popular among girls. Different talents come with different gameplays, greatly increasing the fun in playing.

Tale of Wuxia can be seen as a sequel of [Jin Yong Qun Xia Chuan]. Jin Yong is a guy, along with two other guys, sort of made Wuxia (Martial arts + Heroes.) real popular decades back. Imho, xianxia (fantasy hero) kinda evolved from wuxia. This game is actually a remake, as the concept had already been done like years ago. If I’m not wrong the game wasn’t financially successful, and after one more game which again wasn’t successful, the company had to close.

Jin Yong Qun Xia Chuan describes the protagonist (you), as a modern world dude who time-slipped into Jin Yong’s world. He needs to retrieve Jin Yong’s 14 different novels in order to go home. After resolving the different events in the novels, he battles the Ten Great Evil Persons (Canon) alone and won, which he then proceeds home.

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