Arma 3 PC buy cheap cd key for Steam

Arma 3 PC buy cheap cd key for Steam

Tensions rise as NATO peacekeeping forces begin to leave The Republic of Altis: a strategic fault-line between crumbling European influence and a powerful, resurgent East. But when a key radar facility drops off the grid, a Mediterranean flashpoint risks escalating into global conflict.


After years of intense warfare against Eastern armies, Europe has become the last stand for the battered NATO forces. On the verge of being driven into the sea, NATO command embarks upon a most desperate measure. In the hope of seizing what seems to be a well-guarded military secret, Operation Magnitude is launched. A small group of Special Forces and Researchers are sent to a Mediterranean island deep behind enemy lines.

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However, the mission is compromised and the task force destroyed, leaving Cpt. Scott Miller washed ashore upon the hostile island. In his effort to carry out the mission, he will face the dangers of modern warfare, an unforgiving environment, and the consequences of his own decisions…


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Some of the key features of Arma 3 include: Single-Player Campaign – Evolve from a lone prey into a military commander in the open-ended & story-driven campaign. Vehicles & Weapons – Control a multitude of aircraft, vehicles and ships with accurate simulation; shoot anything from pistols to sophisticated weapon platforms. Physical Simulation & Improved Animations – Take advantage of PhysX supported vehicle simulation, in-game interactions and the revamped animation system. Rich & Authentic Environment – Explore


Arma III’s complexity is a double-edged sword. It takes a long time to comprehend, but once you’re comfortable enough with its mechanics to take advantage of them under pressure, you’re able to engage in a kind of large-scale tactical combat that’s simply not offered elsewhere. Weak sound and a sparsely decorated map are forgivable, making Arma III’s nearly endless content definitely worth experiencing as long as you know there’s a long, dark tunnel to get through before you can see the light.

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